Learn How You Can Foster a Culture of Embracing Change to Increase Your Department's Effectiveness.

At times, the fire service can be insular. People on the outside don’t always ‘get us.’ The mental fortitude — and the mindset it takes to do this job — sets us apart. Regular people don’t see what we see; they don’t experience what we experience. It’s easy to feel like a different breed. Yet for all our uniqueness, we share a lot of common traits with our fellow humans — some less desirable than others. Take change for example. No matter their education level or occupation, we’ve all seen people do twice as much work to avoid a change as it would take to accept it. Perhaps it reminds you of that old saying about years of tradition unimpeded by progress? Especially when it comes to embracing new technology.

Read this white paper, developed in partnership with Firehouse Magazine, to learn more about how you can foster a culture that embraces change that helps increase your department's effectiveness.