Comply with PA Act 16 with Vector LiveSafe

An Affordable Reporting System Trusted by Over 200 Institutions

Vector LiveSafe can help you provide a safe and anonymous way for campus members to report sexual harassment and violence. 

In June 2019, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf furthered his “It’s On Us” campaign by signing Act 16 into law, which requires colleges and universities to review and adopt policy on sexual harassment and violence as well as implement an online reporting system within a year. 


  • Tip Reporting & Two-Way Chat - Receive community-sourced tips, anonymously or not, and gather additional intel through two-way chat. 

  • Reporting and Analytics- Better understand overall tip submissions and review risk assessments to identify risk areas on campus.

  • Automatic Delegation - Ensure tips flow to the correct officials through automatic workflows, which can be customized with a few clicks.

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Keep Faculty, Staff, and Students Safe with Vector LiveSafe

Vector LiveSafe can help you surface early warning insights that help prevent serious safety and security incidents. And, empower your faculty, staff, and students with a variety of valuable safety tools at their fingertips. In addition to Tip Reporting, Vector LiveSafe provides the following features to help you implement a comprehensive solution to campus safety:

  • Broadcast and Check-in Messaging
  • Emergency Services and Panic Button
  • Virtual Peer-to-Peer Escort Services (SafeWalk and SafeDrive)
  • Custom Resources and Campus Maps
  • Powerful Analytics to Improve Campus Safety