The All-New Cradle-to-Grave PPE Tracker from Vector Solutions

Total Oversight of Your Agency's PPE Is Here

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Vector Check It’s Latest Release Helps Agencies Meet NFPA Standards

Vector Check It helps fire departments meet NFPA 1851 standards for documenting the complete history of every firefighting protective ensemble or ensemble element. Simplify PPE management with detailed cradle-to-grave tracking from purchase through retirement or disposal—including assignments, inspections, cleanings, and repairs. 


Empower crews to complete routine or advanced inspections on any device with the native mobile app for iOS and Android. 

Streamline maintenance and log all repair details with automated ticket workflows. 

Reduce admin time and effort with at-a-glance status dashboards and detailed exportable reporting. 

Leverage Vector Check It to streamline checks, inspections, and management of your department’s apparatus, equipment, and inventory, including controlled substances, in one place for total oversight of all your assets. 


Manage Your Inspections

with Vector Check It

Vector Check It is the most innovative operations management software for inspections of trucks, PPE, SCBA, hydrants, drug boxes, and more. Ensure everything your department needs is accounted for and functioning properly with this mighty mobile app.

Keep Your Trucks in Service

Ensure Your Equipment is in Working Order

Simplify Inventory and Storeroom Logistics

Give Your Staff the Convenience of Mobility

Ensure Accountability

Manage Controlled Substances and Comply with DEA

Comply with NFPA 1851 Tracking Requirements