Training, Retaining, and Creating an Emergency Comm Center Dream Team

Is there really a ‘tool’ that can help you create an ECC “Dream Team?”

Emergency communications is hard. Telecommunicators get burnt out. 9-1-1 supervisors and directors have a difficult job of building a program to train the continual influx of new dispatchers in a high-turnover field and creating a positive workplace culture that retains high performers.

Watch this webinar video to learn how Director of Nashville Department of Emergency Communications, Steve Martini, is leveraging technology to encourage and track supervisor and employee communications to reinforce positive feedback.

Hear from Leslye Harrell, Vector Solutions Product Manager and former Supervisor at Hendricks County Communications in Indiana, who will share what she learned while using Vector's training management system at Hendricks CC and how you can streamline and improve your training programs to create a high-performing and motivated "ECC Dream Team."

A replay of a previously recorded webinar. CDEs are not offered for this recording.

Steve Martini, ENP RPL CPE, Director at Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications and skilled in crisis management, coaching, government, and emergency management. Strong media and communication professional with certifications focused in PSAP Operations and Administration from NENA and APCO.

Leslye Harrell, M.Ed., RPL, Vector Solutions Product Manager for Course Content, former Telecommunicator and Operations Manager and prior to that, Supervisor/NCIC Coordinator at Hendricks County Communications in Indiana.

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