Calculate Your ROI Using Vector Solutions' Training Platform.

ROI Calculator

Resources are tight. You can't afford to waste a single penny. With Vector Solutions, you'll save significantly on your training program, enabling you to improve training, increase safety, and reduce costs. Complete this form to access Vector's ROI calculator to learn just what's possible with the industry's leading training management system.

The Ways You Will Save with Vector Solutions

  • Decrease expenses related to live training sessions
  • Cut back on overtime and fuel charges related to training
  • Reduce exposure to risk and overall liability incidents
  • Eliminate rescheduling costs for personnel who miss training
  • Spend less time planning, scheduling and assigning training



The Ultimate Technology for Operational Readiness


" [Vector Solutions] is convenient, cost effective, and easy to use. With it, we have decreased our training expenses and improved our ability to track all types of instruction."

—Eric Peterson, 2nd Lieutenant
    Ocean City Fire Department (Fla.)



"We've never done a cost-benefit analysis. But [Vector Solutions] is worth every penny. The best way I can put it, is that it's the best money a department can spend per training hour logged."

—Stuart Sprung, Formerly a Training Specialist
   Oceanside Fire Department (Calif.)



"I don't think you can put a value [on Vector Solutions]. If these vehicles are able to stay in their districts, the response time is much quicker than having to travel from a central location. Cost savings? Definitely, but time, effort, support things that we can't put a number on all the way to quicker response time to the people we serve."

— Dino Batalis, Fire Chief
     City of Lawrence Fire Department (Ind.)



"Our annual TargetSolutions cost is less than $25,000 and our return-on-investment exceeds $1 million. Now, that's a no-brainer! The TargetSolutions product also goes a long way toward helping us comply with various mandated training requirements and avoiding costly penalties that could be charged if we did not provide training."

—Michelle Schafer, Director of Support Services
    Shasta County (Calif.)




A Full Suite of Solutions for Operational Readiness

The Vector Solutions Approach

More than 7,000 public agencies rely on Vector Solutions to maintain effectiveness, compliance and efficiency. Our full suite of technology includes Vector LMS, Vector Check It, Vector Scheduling and Guardian Tracking. This is the ultimate technology for operational readiness.


Vector LMS

Deliver more than 450 hours of online firefighter training, including accredited EMS continuing education.


Vector Check It

Digitally track routine checks for apparatus, equipment, inventory and controlled substances.


Vector Scheduling

Save time coordinating firefighter schedules and streamline firefighter callbacks and overtime hiring.


Guardian Tracking

A performance management and early intervention solution to help improve organizational wellness.