Reducing Liability Exposure at Your Public Safety Agency with Integrated Technology

A Special Webinar Presentation

Maximize Vector Solutions' Suite of Solutions to Ensure Compliance for Your Training, Inspections, and Workforce Management

Required EMT training, correct pay codes, and inventory discrepancies are just a few areas where EMS agencies can face liability exposure. Imagine empowering your agency to be able to record, track, and report on critical activities like these and more in one centralized web-based location. You can!

Watch this interactive discussion to hear Captain David Bialas share how Union Emergency Medical Unit in NJ is leveraging Vector's integrated suite of systems to reduce its liability exposure by:

  • Meeting training requirements which influence insurance premiums
  • Delivering online CEU courses and customized agency training with comprehensive reporting to meet professional and state compliance
  • Tracking various pay codes to ensure personnel are compensated correctly
  • Recording and documenting all skill evaluations, like PPE fit tests
  • Keeping track of inventory counts and expiration dates to reduce waste and save money