On-Demand Webinar

Making a Dynamic Professional Development Program for Fire Leaders

Expert Advice for Prioritizing Professional Development At Your Fire Department

Between 9-1-1 calls, community education, annual training, equipment inspections, and everything else that’s part of day-to-day life at a firehouse, firefighters are often too pressed for time to focus on those projects that may be deemed non-essential activities. Unfortunately, it’s for this reason that professional development is often pushed to the wayside or added to the very bottom of to-do lists. While fire leaders will readily acknowledge its importance, finding time to set aside specifically for professional growth isn’t always a top priority.

Watch this On-Demand webinar, where ISFSI members Mike Richardson of the St. Matthews Fire Department and Anthony Kastros of the Sacramento Metro Fire District share a professional development framework for fire leaders. Their conversation will help you identify needs, find motivators, explore the necessary components to establish a successful program for your organization, as well as sharing key points from the ISFSI Professional Development Matrix.