Learn How You Can Maximize Vector Solutions to Effectively Manage NFPA Training

The NFPA sets forth important codes and standards to provide fire departments with information and knowledge to ensure safety and mitigate risk. Vector Solutions' offers a robust online training catalog through its learning management system which features courses developed in conjunction with NFPA codes and standards to help departments ensure personnel are well prepared for the scenarios they can encounter during exercises and on the job. Watch this webinar video to learn how you can maximize Vector Solutions to develop your training program to NFPA standards, deliver policies and achieve compliance.

Watch this webinar to learn how to do the following:

✔ How to utilize Vector Solutions' online training catalog to distribute dynamic NFPA training

✔ How to formulate your training program to NFPA standards

✔ How to schedule, deliver and track completions for online training and hands-on activities

✔ How to utilize Credentials to track training requirements and ensure compliance