Priority Training Needs: A Systematic Discussion and Call for Law Enforcement De-Escalation Training

Welcome to today's webinar presentation with Dr. Damon Ing, retired Law Enforcement Officer and Lead Coordinator of the Tarrant County College Law Enforcement Academy in Fort Worth, Texas. This presentation will discuss the complex concept of de-escalation training in modern police departments. Dr. Ing will highlight where de-escalation training is headed and how it can help officers understand alternatives to an immediate gravitation to the use of force. This can, in turn, reduce department liability, increase officer knowledge and understanding of human interaction, and result in a safer community as a whole.

Watch this webinar to learn how to do the following:

✔ How de-escalation training can fit into the department’s budget and overall strategic planning

✔ Possible ways of implementing a de-escalation program in your department

✔ Discuss and network with law enforcement professional and ask questions pertaining to de-escalation training