Enhanced Sexual Violence Prevention Education

Implement Sexual Violence Prevention Education that reflects today's modern campus, better resonates with student-lived experiences, and empowers students to be proactive bystanders. 

We enhanced our Sexual Violence Prevention Education to better reflect today's modern campus and it is available to be implemented today.

Our Content and Expert Author Team worked diligently to enhance our program to serve as an even better resource for colleges and universities to empower students to be proactive bystanders against sexual violence. Here are the impactful changes:

  • Shift to Student Empowerment - Focuses the discussion on how students can be more proactive in fostering positive change at their institution.
  • Up-to-Date Testimonials and Scenarios - Features up-to-date testimonials and realistic scenarios that will resonate with student lived experiences.
  • New Interactivity - Provides students with the ability to assess their understanding of core concepts throughout the course.


Enhanced by Experts and Higher Education Leaders

Vector Solutions knows best practices surrounding sexual violence prevention education is always evolving, so that's why we assembled an experienced team to help us enhance our program:

  • Expert Author Team - Our Title IX Expert Author Team has reviewed and redeveloped our script to increase primary prevention strategies throughout our courses.
  • Advisory Groups - Advisory groups, consisting of practitioners and students, helped shape the enhanced program to make it even more relevant to students today, such as including the topic of digital harassment.

Our Sexual Violence Prevention Education is available for institutions today. If you want to learn more information about our impactful changes and preview the program, fill out the form above or contact us today!