Diversity and Inclusion Courses for Higher Education

Advance diversity and inclusion in higher education with online courses that teach skills for engaging with difference, communicating inclusively, and recognizing unconscious bias.

Our powerful, online Diversity and Inclusion Program (formerly, DiversityEdu) offers diversity and inclusion courses for faculty, staff, students, and academic search committees, delivered through the Vector LMS, Higher Education Platform.

These courses are proven to increase inclusive language, attitudes, and behaviors.


  • Expert-designed online courses with input from top scholars and the latest, peer-reviewed research.
  • Statistically proven methodology that helps learners understand the impact of bias, language, and behavior.
  • Keep course takers engaged with interactive exercises and realistic video scenarios.


Trusted by Over 200,000 Course Takers Nationwide

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More Impactful Diversity Learning

We are a team of experts who focus solely on diversity and inclusion to create deeper, more relevant content that works.

Course takers learn with practical, evidence-based courses that build practical skills for succeeding in a diverse community.


Proven Outcomes. Proven Impact.

The results of our randomized, mixed methods study show that college students are more likely to engage with diversity, more likely to intervene during a microaggression, and feel more competent using diversity skills after taking our Diversity and Inclusion Course.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Programs for Higher Education

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Topics include:

  • Examining Assumptions
  • Searching for Similarities
  • Anticipating Impact
  • Role of Bystanders
  • Microaggressions


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Faculty & Staff

Topics include:

  • Addressing Diversity Resistance
  • Examining Assumptions
  • Impact of Identity Terms
  • Microaggressions
  • Bias in Decision-Making
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Hiring and Search

Topics include:

  • Bias in Academia
  • Myth of Meritocracy
  • Guidelines for Searches
  • Diversity-Competent Mentoring
  • Development Plans

Trusted by Leading Institutions

"Understanding unconscious bias, understanding the value of difference and the importance of inclusion... I think these resonate as a result of this program"

Clinton J. Normore
Director of Diversity
A.T. Still University of Health Sciences