With Vector Scheduling, Your Agency Can Do the Following:

  • Schedule employees’ shifts in one, centralized location
  • Automate overtime shifts and emergency call-outs
  • View roster information across jurisdictions

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Vector Scheduling

Built by first responders for first responders. Vector Scheduling includes crew scheduling,
time and attendance, third-party integrations, a mobile application, and no shenanigans!

✔ Crew Scheduling

✔ Employee Reports

✔ Mobile App

✔ Third Party Integrations

✔ Time Offs

✔ Employee Availability

✔ Custom Calendars

✔ Shift Trades

✔ Alerts (Full Telecomm)

✔ Forms Module

✔ Payroll Exports

✔ Trades Ledger

✔ Call-Backs

✔ Time Off Accruals Processing

✔ Cloud File Storage

✔ Telecommunication (Text / Phone Call)

✔ Absence Module

✔ Certification Tracking 

✔ Roster Sharing

✔ API access

 ✔ Scheduling Intelligence

✔ Bidding / Auctions Module

✔ Roster Maps 

 "The new Auctions feature was a game changer for us. Our previous vacation bidding
was manual, slow, and labor intensive. With the CrewSense Auctions (module) we simply
start a new auction and let the system do the rest. ... What was once four to five days of
sitting in a room making phone calls is almost 100 percent automated now!"

Bellingham Fire Department (Wash.)