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Introducing the only solution that bridges the gap between local agencies and state-level certifying bodies and academies.


A New Era in Public Safety
Certification Management

Fragmentation is a problem across public safety that drives inefficiencies and compliance risks. Vector Solutions has built a new solution that connects local agencies and state authorities. This solution is called AgencyConnect and it's here to change how we manage data around the most precious asset in public safety — our people.

With AgencyConnect, state certifying bodies and academies can achieve more accountability and real-time training compliance information for personnel, while local agencies can simplify how they report state-mandated training.

Here are some of the benefits your organization can obtain with AgencyConnect:

    • Simplify Training Reporting
    • Access Preparedness Insights
    • Reduce Compliance Risks


In response to the demand for increased accountability and enhanced training within the law enforcement profession, there is a strong desire for local agency solutions that streamline officer training and automate reporting. We require innovative technological solutions to enhance our efficiency, and Vector Solutions is stepping up to meet that demand.”

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Connecting Local and State Training and Certification Records

When Vector Solutions brought TargetSolutions and Acadis together, this was the vision. To that point there had never been a connection between the systems that state training and certifying bodies are operating and the software and paper processes used by local agencies to manually submit training records. 

For too long, first responders and state authorities have been challenged with fragmented systems. Until now.

Vector Solutions and Acadis
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The Ultimate Tool for
Training Management

Local law enforcement are responsible for ensuring personnel complete required training and submit records, often for multiple certifications to various state-level authorities. But there has never been an easy way to submit those records. Until now.

Vector Solutions’ online training management system (formerly known as TargetSolutions) is the industry’s most trusted software for delivering, tracking, and now automated state reporting for training and compliance. With AgencyConnect, local agencies can easily report mandated training up to the state’s Acadis Readiness Suite. 


Real-Time Insights on First Responder Preparedness

State certifying authorities need to compile first responder training records to ensure mandates are achieved. But there has never been a secure and simple way to share real-time data automatically with local departments. Until now.

With AgencyConnect, the Acadis Readiness Suite provides a real-time view of compliance, as well as a simplified way for receiving training record submissions. State certifying authorities can now have a clear look at the local, county and state levels, providing accurate and timely information about every first responder and what they are currently authorized to do.


Streamlining Training Compliance and Certification Renewals

By addressing the fragmentation between states and local agencies, Vector Solutions provides a common framework that standardizes state agencies' data collection while enabling secure and simple data sharing with local agencies.

Simplify Training Reporting

Consolidating training and certifications in one place saves local agencies endless amounts of time piecing together and submitting training records manually.

Reduce Compliance Risks

Short-staffed agencies can reduce the risk of out-of-compliance personnel, and first responders can reduce the risk of lost compensation due to delinquent or erroneous recordkeeping.

Access Preparedness Insights

Removing administrative challenges and creating an automated process and single repository provides state authorities with real-time compliance insights.


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A New Era in Public Safety Certification Management